Monday, March 4, 2013

Tricky Tuesday

Blerg. Up early! Want to do something active today but have to go to Utica (an hour away for my non locals) to pick up my car that received a staggering amount of warranty work on it for the bargain basement price of Free to me! Yep Byron the wonder Scion (my car - now don't go getting all judgie!) has an extended warranty that has paid for itself in crazy things that generally probably just go from time to time...I will purchase that biz anytime it is offered from now on. Well played Toyota Motor Corp...well played. But the jokes on you! You paid more than me! In the immortal words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper - "Bazinga!" To be continued...

Breakfast of Champions...or Social Studies teachers that like oatmeal?

So this is it folks. In the mix: we have high fiber maple oatmeal...from my ancestors the Quakers. Also a banana so ripe it was kind of scary, and some defrostified blue berries...I put about a tablespoon of Noosa blueberry yogurt on top for some creaminesss. That biz tastes like a cross between cream cheese and yogurt...whoa. And the whole bowl tastes like stuffed french toast...kind of like if you do the stand back and squint equivelent of "O yeah you totally look like Angelina Jolie" for taste buds. And look at that 2 fruits down!

Beverage is some "Ghetto Ice tea" as in I made hot tea and poured it over ice. Remember: Lazy and how in the world does one make real ice tea? Wait...don't tell me...I won't do it anyway. 

Also, don't go all hatesies on my Chinese food wear. Look that bowl is so damn cute it kind of hurts (well played Target and China, well played). And the cup is also bright and cute. I am getting ready for serious slog today. Observation Post conference, teaching all day (there will be resistance...these kids have never watched "Star Trek" so telling the little pikers that "Resistance is futile" is well...futile).  I am pretty sure writing an essay is right up there with having a leg cut off Civil War style. Or it is if these children are to be believed. Will recap at the end of the day. Stay Awesome until then!

Update: All freggies eaten and waters drank. Also ate half a bag of M&M PB eggs. Curse the delicious chocolate. I should learn to pack a healthy snack when I am not going to be home. Shenanigans! 

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