Sunday, March 10, 2013

SBBC Points: The round up

Monday 3/5:BBB4 Phase 1 Workout A -3 points
Tuesday 3/6: AM Pilates - 2 points
Wednesday 3/7: BBB4 phase 1 workout B - 3 points. Swearing about still hating 1 dang workout move.
Thursday 3/8: AM Pilates and afterwork outside run because teenagers who didn't even know how to use the treadmill ganked it out from under me because I was too slow getting there. Jerks. - 5 points.
Friday: No work out. Too much to do.
Saturday: Four mile run through the mean streets of Binghamton, NY - 6 points (yes my time was not awesome). Don't judge!
Sunday: 3 mile outside walk - it was windy and cold at the start but great! 5.5 points!

Workout Points total: 24.5 if I did the math right.
Freggie points: 6
Water points:6
Workout of the week: 1

Grand Total: 37.5

Let's see if I can beat it next week! I am fiercely competitive against myself. Just me and my Garmin who is named the very original "Garmina" and we have a 10k coming up so we best get to getting!

Until next week - Stay Awesome!


  1. Great work! I didn't get a wow done :( So silly because its worth an easy extra point. This week i hope to get it done twice :)

  2. way to stick to it! glad you are doing the moves even if hating them, ha that made me laugh