Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hour theft!

Daylight savings times = the best of times and the worst of times. Yep, I went all Dickens on you. I had to read it - you should too! Ha. There is a paragraph about making a hot chocolate drink that nearly 20 years later I remember as the most boring thing I have ever read. Any whoozle this here blog is about my awesome, or not so, attempts at working out. Awesomeness.

I always hope I can weather time change like a sweet expert and awesomeness and reasonableness (lots of "ness" right there). Turns out. I can't. It's cool. By Wednesday you should approach me with a chocolate offering and a frosty diet coke. Those dang stomach pennies are not de-rusting their own selves. The diet coke has a job to do! <jingle, jingle>

 So this week in recap: ate all my 7+ servings of freggies everyday but Saturday. Same with the water. Look Saturday was fun.

 Ran/shuffled through four miles of a race. Also, with a small race # like "9" I pretended, in my mind, that I got a number reserved for elites. Note: I finished in the 600s of a race that had 700 people. Whatever! I finished dang it.

Made "cauliflower Alfredo sauce" which was surprisingly good for having no cheese in it! What!?! So that is that. I also worked out more regularly than before! Huzzah!

Let's hope week 2 of the SBBC I can keep awesome as well. and O in the mix above is the "sauce" broccoli, tortellinis and shrimps. It was good. But also proof that I need to strain things a little better. The finish was a bit like soup...which was ok because the sauce wasn't cheese. Watered down cheese seems "boot" worthy if you get my drift. And that sauce was only "1" weight watchers points plus point. If I calculated it right. I would be leery of trusting my inputting skills - it seemed too good to be true! I got the recipe from A Pinch of Yum.

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  1. Will definitely try your recipe. Sounds awesome, just like you.