Monday, March 4, 2013


So where I work we like to call students who's first name and last names are really both first names..."Firstie Firsties" - which is neither here nor there in this post but well it gives you an idea about the being first and all that jazz.

So I started this blog because I am doing the "Spring Booty Buster Challenge" via the blog Run to the Finish and updating my progress via blog seems...well easier than not - since the group left the more convenient (for probably just me) Face Books format. Also, I totally love to add and "S" where it doesn't belong...don't judge me - I am awesome and a little eccentric.

So in the interest of the orginal purpose of the blog:

Today: I ate 8 servings of Freggies (Fruits and Veggies if you're not hip to the sweet BBC lingo).
I drank all my waters - 64 oz...probably more like 70ish if you're truly keeping track. I believe that decaffeinated green iced tea counts - you CANNOT convince me otherwise! I don't count my one can of DC a day...look I don't smoke if I want to chemical up my blood stream with a refreshing bubbly beverage - leave me alone...and sure it might take the rust off all those pennies I ate as a kid that are jangling around together in my stomach...right right.

I also did 20 glorious minutes of the first phase of BBB4 workout A.

That's right kids - I earned me 4 glorious SBBC points today! Huzzah. You're jealous. I know it. Pipe down!

So there you have it! First one done!

Also, I don't lurve blogs that don't have pictures so I will try to fix that in the future. No promises... I am kind of lazy...and well...that is reason enough!


  1. nice first post.. looking forward to more.. and pictures

  2. Thanks for the yarn delivery today! Come back soon and see our hanging aquarium.

  3. I love it! You are so funny!! I am adding you to my bloglovin' roster so keep making terrific posts for me to fritter away all my time reading ;)