Sunday, March 31, 2013

Get it week!

Sorry for the radio silence. I am a hot mess!

So last week I was tired and sad, for no good reason so this next week I am going to kick butt!

The plan:

Attend Yoga at least twice. It is a good time - the instructor is amazing, so friendly and nice...which is something I am looking for in a woman that is going to try to  teach me how to coax my very much like dry pasta person into being much more like cooked pasta. If you are local to me...check it out!

I haven't gone in months and I do enjoy it - well I tolerate it during I heard the end piece which I am not currently going to try to translates to "Corpse Pose"...I am not an intrepid speller.

Do the prescribed BBB5 workouts on Monday, Weds, Friday and get some ding dang running in the mix somewhere.

I am awesome, I can do this. I don't have to work this would be really sad if I couldn't achieve my goals.

Also, I am doing a sugar detox challenge. What!? Ugh, I know...but it has to be done. Note: I checked it out my green smoofy (Smoothie to you people in the world that speak correctly - BORING!) does have juice in it - I checked the label it isn't artificial so it goes in! I can't make and eat that biz with just water...It is in the Geneva Convention rules somewhere....I just know it!

So, I will be around and posting from the unsugared edge...just me and my diet coke (the challenge said added sugar nothing about my best-est best friend aspartame - so can it!).

Sunday, March 10, 2013

SBBC Points: The round up

Monday 3/5:BBB4 Phase 1 Workout A -3 points
Tuesday 3/6: AM Pilates - 2 points
Wednesday 3/7: BBB4 phase 1 workout B - 3 points. Swearing about still hating 1 dang workout move.
Thursday 3/8: AM Pilates and afterwork outside run because teenagers who didn't even know how to use the treadmill ganked it out from under me because I was too slow getting there. Jerks. - 5 points.
Friday: No work out. Too much to do.
Saturday: Four mile run through the mean streets of Binghamton, NY - 6 points (yes my time was not awesome). Don't judge!
Sunday: 3 mile outside walk - it was windy and cold at the start but great! 5.5 points!

Workout Points total: 24.5 if I did the math right.
Freggie points: 6
Water points:6
Workout of the week: 1

Grand Total: 37.5

Let's see if I can beat it next week! I am fiercely competitive against myself. Just me and my Garmin who is named the very original "Garmina" and we have a 10k coming up so we best get to getting!

Until next week - Stay Awesome!

Hour theft!

Daylight savings times = the best of times and the worst of times. Yep, I went all Dickens on you. I had to read it - you should too! Ha. There is a paragraph about making a hot chocolate drink that nearly 20 years later I remember as the most boring thing I have ever read. Any whoozle this here blog is about my awesome, or not so, attempts at working out. Awesomeness.

I always hope I can weather time change like a sweet expert and awesomeness and reasonableness (lots of "ness" right there). Turns out. I can't. It's cool. By Wednesday you should approach me with a chocolate offering and a frosty diet coke. Those dang stomach pennies are not de-rusting their own selves. The diet coke has a job to do! <jingle, jingle>

 So this week in recap: ate all my 7+ servings of freggies everyday but Saturday. Same with the water. Look Saturday was fun.

 Ran/shuffled through four miles of a race. Also, with a small race # like "9" I pretended, in my mind, that I got a number reserved for elites. Note: I finished in the 600s of a race that had 700 people. Whatever! I finished dang it.

Made "cauliflower Alfredo sauce" which was surprisingly good for having no cheese in it! What!?! So that is that. I also worked out more regularly than before! Huzzah!

Let's hope week 2 of the SBBC I can keep awesome as well. and O in the mix above is the "sauce" broccoli, tortellinis and shrimps. It was good. But also proof that I need to strain things a little better. The finish was a bit like soup...which was ok because the sauce wasn't cheese. Watered down cheese seems "boot" worthy if you get my drift. And that sauce was only "1" weight watchers points plus point. If I calculated it right. I would be leery of trusting my inputting skills - it seemed too good to be true! I got the recipe from A Pinch of Yum.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tired and Cranky

So I attempted a run...and it just plain sucked. Seriously. I was tired. I was bored...I was angry and I was just eh. I probably ran about a mile totaly. I cannot wait to run 4 on Saturday...kill me now! But one my best friends ("Best friend is a tier!...Not a person" - I love The Mindy Project) Amy who will undoubtedly keep me going even when I want to sit down and quit. Fun stuff.

I am just kind of blah. Tired and stressed out from work. I ask questions sometimes and people nod and write it down but do not ever get around to answer. NBD except the Governor thinks we're all a bunch of slacked Jawed idiots and teachers are the reason that we can't have nice things in the great state of NY. Riiight. So I live in perpetual fear that I will just get fired for busting by butt and trying to get to know kids that no one else really could. Awesome. Perhaps all this junk negatively effected my run. Yep! I blame Gov. Cuomo. Jerkface.

Eats today: 10 servings of fruits and veggies. My friend at work and I are in a competition. I am kind of smelly and gassy but winning was important! Some oat meals an some delicious cheesy pirate booty.

Workouts: Some Mari Winsor Pilates (see previous post) and then some "running" for about half an hour. Or freezing my butt off while I walk just long enough to be ashamed before I pick it back up.

Mari Winsor: Friend or Foe?

This AM I got up early (ok most people have been up for awhile by 6AM when I was like dang I got to get up if I am going to get up.

I have been doing the Mari Winsor 20 min Pilates video with the resistance ring thing. Now I have done this video probably about 100 times. It is ding dang hard like every time. And sometimes it makes me face stabby feeling toward Mari. Who I am very sure is a lovely lady who does not deserve my intermittent 20 minutes of hatred. Some of you are like that ish aint even hard. my world it is especially after weight biz the day before and everything is hard before 9am...ok noon... in my world.

So today I have already done 20 minutes of working out...what what! That is pretty good for me. I plan to do some running after school today. Blerg. I have a 4 mile race on Saturday...and I haven't done much running for a couple of week due to the plague that had befallen me. This week I have just been stupid busy - emphasis on stupid - like forgetting important workout items like sports bras...etc that I am not tough enough to make that ok. And once I go home - I only go back to town...for ice cream.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp 5

I am all registered up. Run DO NOT walk over to Tina Reale's site and sign up for this biz. It was so fun! I think I got more out of the forum (do not get me wrong Tina's workouts are hard yet accessible).

Also, the price is pretty amazing. I live in the middle of ding dong nowhere. Ok, Ok...We do have a super (or not so super) Walmart - or Walmarts as the locals call it. And yes I add an "S" to all kind of things where it doesn't belong. But, even I have a place where I draw the line. And it is on the whole "Marts" situation. Dumb. And I could not find a personal trainer for the price of this 8 week boot camp...$25. Awesome sauce. I have definitely made some improvements since the beginning of the last one. Although, if I could stop shoveling chocolate into my face like some of the country is shoveling up the snow today...that would probably have yielded better results. Easter the BEST candy. And don't get me started on Reese's shaped PB treats.  You know like the "Easter egg" shaped pb cup? What?! so good!

So yeah. It starts April 1st. And you will miss it like the Deserts Miss the Rain...if you don't sign up.

Good stuff. Do it. Stop reading. Go now! Here!

Fig Newtons? Fruit or Physics?

Do you ever start thinking about something and you are like - whoa? That happened to me when I reached for a Fig Newton last night. Now, don't get me wrong but a Fig Newton is like the kind of lame nerdy friend that you have a good time with - but you're probably not going to describe the hang out as "epic" - and there will never be an opportunity to out run any law enforcement officials.

I am not - the type to attempt to outrun the cop. Oh Crap! I just realized I am the Fig Newton in the cookie Jar of life. Hell. I want to be like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie - those are mysterious and a little bit dangerous. And everyone - I mean EVERYONE loves those damn cookies. You know it - don't deny...liars.

Any whoolze back to me as a cookie. Seriously - these count as like "fruit" - ha! nope they are riddled with all the stuff that makes cookies...well cookies - but slide by with a fig center.

HAVE YOU EVER EATEN A NON NEWTONED FIG? - I know maybe one person in my entire life that I think has eaten a fresh fig. And he was the kid that was eating pomegrantes in 5th grade lunch. He's great...a modern day Indian Jones and an eater of exotic - if non newtoned foods. Seriously if i could get everything wrapped in a pastry shell I would.

I would go to a cooking class that was all about "Newtoning" food. Just think of the ding dang possibilities. It makes the pennies in my tummy jingle. '

Wow - I seem crazy.

Eats for the day: 2 bananas, 2 apples, Baby carrots/hummus, 2 servings frozen blueberries, 2 cups spinach, 2 packets high fiber oatmeal, 1/2 oz pirate booty (yum), 1 serving lays potato chips, 1 egg, 1 English muffin, 2 tps butter. handful of chocolate goodness.

Workouts for the day:WOW from SBBC and BBB4 Phase1 Workout B - Minus Scorpion (That biz is hard and I couldn't do it...mentally or on the first attempt physically either).

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tricky Tuesday

Blerg. Up early! Want to do something active today but have to go to Utica (an hour away for my non locals) to pick up my car that received a staggering amount of warranty work on it for the bargain basement price of Free to me! Yep Byron the wonder Scion (my car - now don't go getting all judgie!) has an extended warranty that has paid for itself in crazy things that generally probably just go from time to time...I will purchase that biz anytime it is offered from now on. Well played Toyota Motor Corp...well played. But the jokes on you! You paid more than me! In the immortal words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper - "Bazinga!" To be continued...

Breakfast of Champions...or Social Studies teachers that like oatmeal?

So this is it folks. In the mix: we have high fiber maple oatmeal...from my ancestors the Quakers. Also a banana so ripe it was kind of scary, and some defrostified blue berries...I put about a tablespoon of Noosa blueberry yogurt on top for some creaminesss. That biz tastes like a cross between cream cheese and yogurt...whoa. And the whole bowl tastes like stuffed french toast...kind of like if you do the stand back and squint equivelent of "O yeah you totally look like Angelina Jolie" for taste buds. And look at that 2 fruits down!

Beverage is some "Ghetto Ice tea" as in I made hot tea and poured it over ice. Remember: Lazy and how in the world does one make real ice tea? Wait...don't tell me...I won't do it anyway. 

Also, don't go all hatesies on my Chinese food wear. Look that bowl is so damn cute it kind of hurts (well played Target and China, well played). And the cup is also bright and cute. I am getting ready for serious slog today. Observation Post conference, teaching all day (there will be resistance...these kids have never watched "Star Trek" so telling the little pikers that "Resistance is futile" is well...futile).  I am pretty sure writing an essay is right up there with having a leg cut off Civil War style. Or it is if these children are to be believed. Will recap at the end of the day. Stay Awesome until then!

Update: All freggies eaten and waters drank. Also ate half a bag of M&M PB eggs. Curse the delicious chocolate. I should learn to pack a healthy snack when I am not going to be home. Shenanigans! 


So where I work we like to call students who's first name and last names are really both first names..."Firstie Firsties" - which is neither here nor there in this post but well it gives you an idea about the being first and all that jazz.

So I started this blog because I am doing the "Spring Booty Buster Challenge" via the blog Run to the Finish and updating my progress via blog seems...well easier than not - since the group left the more convenient (for probably just me) Face Books format. Also, I totally love to add and "S" where it doesn't belong...don't judge me - I am awesome and a little eccentric.

So in the interest of the orginal purpose of the blog:

Today: I ate 8 servings of Freggies (Fruits and Veggies if you're not hip to the sweet BBC lingo).
I drank all my waters - 64 oz...probably more like 70ish if you're truly keeping track. I believe that decaffeinated green iced tea counts - you CANNOT convince me otherwise! I don't count my one can of DC a day...look I don't smoke if I want to chemical up my blood stream with a refreshing bubbly beverage - leave me alone...and sure it might take the rust off all those pennies I ate as a kid that are jangling around together in my stomach...right right.

I also did 20 glorious minutes of the first phase of BBB4 workout A.

That's right kids - I earned me 4 glorious SBBC points today! Huzzah. You're jealous. I know it. Pipe down!

So there you have it! First one done!

Also, I don't lurve blogs that don't have pictures so I will try to fix that in the future. No promises... I am kind of lazy...and well...that is reason enough!