Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tired and Cranky

So I attempted a run...and it just plain sucked. Seriously. I was tired. I was bored...I was angry and I was just eh. I probably ran about a mile totaly. I cannot wait to run 4 on Saturday...kill me now! But one my best friends ("Best friend is a tier!...Not a person" - I love The Mindy Project) Amy who will undoubtedly keep me going even when I want to sit down and quit. Fun stuff.

I am just kind of blah. Tired and stressed out from work. I ask questions sometimes and people nod and write it down but do not ever get around to answer. NBD except the Governor thinks we're all a bunch of slacked Jawed idiots and teachers are the reason that we can't have nice things in the great state of NY. Riiight. So I live in perpetual fear that I will just get fired for busting by butt and trying to get to know kids that no one else really could. Awesome. Perhaps all this junk negatively effected my run. Yep! I blame Gov. Cuomo. Jerkface.

Eats today: 10 servings of fruits and veggies. My friend at work and I are in a competition. I am kind of smelly and gassy but winning was important! Some oat meals an some delicious cheesy pirate booty.

Workouts: Some Mari Winsor Pilates (see previous post) and then some "running" for about half an hour. Or freezing my butt off while I walk just long enough to be ashamed before I pick it back up.

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  1. I love how honest you are!! And Yes 10 freggies does make us gassy :( lol