Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mari Winsor: Friend or Foe?

This AM I got up early (ok most people have been up for awhile by 6AM when I was like dang I got to get up if I am going to get up.

I have been doing the Mari Winsor 20 min Pilates video with the resistance ring thing. Now I have done this video probably about 100 times. It is ding dang hard like every time. And sometimes it makes me face stabby feeling toward Mari. Who I am very sure is a lovely lady who does not deserve my intermittent 20 minutes of hatred. Some of you are like that ish aint even hard. my world it is especially after weight biz the day before and everything is hard before 9am...ok noon... in my world.

So today I have already done 20 minutes of working out...what what! That is pretty good for me. I plan to do some running after school today. Blerg. I have a 4 mile race on Saturday...and I haven't done much running for a couple of week due to the plague that had befallen me. This week I have just been stupid busy - emphasis on stupid - like forgetting important workout items like sports bras...etc that I am not tough enough to make that ok. And once I go home - I only go back to town...for ice cream.

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