Sunday, March 31, 2013

Get it week!

Sorry for the radio silence. I am a hot mess!

So last week I was tired and sad, for no good reason so this next week I am going to kick butt!

The plan:

Attend Yoga at least twice. It is a good time - the instructor is amazing, so friendly and nice...which is something I am looking for in a woman that is going to try to  teach me how to coax my very much like dry pasta person into being much more like cooked pasta. If you are local to me...check it out!

I haven't gone in months and I do enjoy it - well I tolerate it during I heard the end piece which I am not currently going to try to translates to "Corpse Pose"...I am not an intrepid speller.

Do the prescribed BBB5 workouts on Monday, Weds, Friday and get some ding dang running in the mix somewhere.

I am awesome, I can do this. I don't have to work this would be really sad if I couldn't achieve my goals.

Also, I am doing a sugar detox challenge. What!? Ugh, I know...but it has to be done. Note: I checked it out my green smoofy (Smoothie to you people in the world that speak correctly - BORING!) does have juice in it - I checked the label it isn't artificial so it goes in! I can't make and eat that biz with just water...It is in the Geneva Convention rules somewhere....I just know it!

So, I will be around and posting from the unsugared edge...just me and my diet coke (the challenge said added sugar nothing about my best-est best friend aspartame - so can it!).


  1. hehe hot mess, did you join that discussion in the facebook group :)

    1. I was the first commentor. You know it! One of the original hot messes right here.