Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp 5

I am all registered up. Run DO NOT walk over to Tina Reale's site and sign up for this biz. It was so fun! I think I got more out of the forum (do not get me wrong Tina's workouts are hard yet accessible).

Also, the price is pretty amazing. I live in the middle of ding dong nowhere. Ok, Ok...We do have a super (or not so super) Walmart - or Walmarts as the locals call it. And yes I add an "S" to all kind of things where it doesn't belong. But, even I have a place where I draw the line. And it is on the whole "Marts" situation. Dumb. And I could not find a personal trainer for the price of this 8 week boot camp...$25. Awesome sauce. I have definitely made some improvements since the beginning of the last one. Although, if I could stop shoveling chocolate into my face like some of the country is shoveling up the snow today...that would probably have yielded better results. Easter the BEST candy. And don't get me started on Reese's shaped PB treats.  You know like the "Easter egg" shaped pb cup? What?! so good!

So yeah. It starts April 1st. And you will miss it like the Deserts Miss the Rain...if you don't sign up.

Good stuff. Do it. Stop reading. Go now! Here!

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